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Hey! Welcome to Plastic Zipper! Since 1980, we have started our journey for Success that is manufacturing packaging bags."World’s largest stock holder of unprinted plastic zipper supply of many different sizes and colors" that’s what we are. We have latest Equipment, for you, to manufacture the highest quality rotogravure printed and unprinted packaging bags worldwide. As we know that the packaging bags are the major needs for anybody for putting the any things. If you buy anything from the market then bag is the essential necessitate that you could put those things and could carry easily and safely. Our Bags are non-toxic, which are safe for keeping any product. We also provide packaging in different colors.

The packaging bags with zipper are the best way to prevent the products and meal because the air and water does not pass in these types of bags. Plastic zipper bags are those kinds of plastic bags that have a zipper on one side to facilitate easy opening and closing of the bag. We stock plastic zipper in two forms that are PP zipper and PE zipper. Our company makes plastic zipper in several sizes such that

  • 8mm plastic zipper available in PE zipper and PP zipper
  • 10 mm plastic zipper available in PE zipper and PP zipper
  • 13mm plastic zipper available in PE zipper and PP zipper
  • 15mm plastic zipper available in PE zipper and PP zipper
  • 17mm plastic zipper available in PE zipper and PP zipper

Our plastic zippers are used to pack the following items:

  • Pet food packaging items
  • Coffee and tea packaging items
  • Cheese packaging
  • Frozen meat packaging
  • Dry fruits packaging
  • Non food products etc.

These types of bags are durable and flexible. The food products do not spoil from the zipper profile bags that mean use the plastic zipper bags for the long lasting of products. We are the best zipper manufacturer in India and make several types of plastic zipper. You can order these bags online anytime. If you want to know more details of our company then visit our site. Plastic zipper rolls winded in plastic spools will be delivered anywhere in world by DHL or FedEx courier maximum within 7 working days from the date of order if the quantity is less{below 20000 meters} and big quantity will be delivered by sea in FCL.

We are one of the most popular zipper manufacturers of India. In short we want to say you that our plastic zipper bag company offers the advanced and reasonable packaging bags. We provide your order on time and according to your budget with best quality.

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